We Care

As nightlife providers, we take our responsibility to help keep everybody safe at the highest importance.

We offer a ‘Challenge 25’ policy at all times, so please ensure you bring your valid driving license or passport with you and keep it with you at all times. We operate a strict search on entry policy, also using metal-detection wands. We encourage all guests to drink responsibly and respect our local residents. You will not be permitted entry or be served if you are intoxicated. Please see www.drinkaware.co.uk for full information.

Please be aware of intermittent drug detection dogs, to ensure the venue can be kept as drug and risk-free as possible. Whilst we ask you do not approach or pet the dogs, please do feel free to say hello when you see them!

Whilst we are doing our very best to prevent drugs entering the venue, we also offer free ‘Spikeys’ on every bar. These are bottle and cup covers which make it difficult for anything to be put into drinks, to ensure you feel protected and safe whilst partying with us. We have testing strips on-site to detect whether a drink has been contaminated with anything, and complimentary water is always available from every bar, in sealed containers.

All Distinctive Bars venues are Zero Tolerance accredited. We operate a zero tolerance policy towards sexual harassment and discrimination. If you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, we partake in ‘Ask Angela’, which is a code word for anybody feeling unsafe to ask for help from one of our team members. We will then discretely ensure you get to a safe space.

If you experience or witness anything of this kind, please make a member of staff aware. Our team are trained to see the signs of odd behaviour and to challenge it.

We have a dedicated medical room with fully trained first aid staff, should there be an incident, with over 40 CCTV cameras being monitored by a qualified member of staff during all hours of operation.